Brett Bolf

18th & Vine Signage Redevelopment

The mission of the signage redevelopment project at the historic 18th and Vine Jazz district is simple, reintroduce what it means to be a cradle of jazz. In its heyday, the famous Kansas City jazz district was the pinnacle of the music world.

The first thing someone notices when entering an area is a sign. Signage is inherently important to a multitude of sensory experiences when visiting somewhere new. To create a brand identity that is representative of not only a space, but also its past history is incredibly important. At 18th and Vine, it has a very old feel, one of the main goals of redesign was to make the space lively again. A modern approach on color scheme, typography and imagery all play critical roles in how this project redefines the look and feel of the historic jazz district.

amj ident nav.jpg